Frequently asked questions

When should I start my quest for a dress?

We suggest that once you have booked your wedding venue, then you can think about your wedding theme and the style of dress you would like. On average brides start shopping for their dress 9 - 12 months before their wedding day to allow for manufacturing time and any necessary alterations.

How many guests can I bring?

There is space in the boutique for you and up to 2 guests. Bring the people who know you best and whose opinions you value most.

What should I bring?

An idea of your style of dress, although, sometimes it is best to keep an open mind, especially if this is your first visit to a bridal boutique. Neutral coloured underwear; a strapless bra is best, although most of our dresses have adequate support incorporated into the design. Shoes - If you have shoes similar to a height that you might want to wear, feel free to bring them. However, we have shoes that you can pop on. We request that you do not wear fake tan or excessive makeup that could mark the dress.

What if my dress needs to be altered?

Our dresses are made to a standard size chart. We will order the size closest to your measurements. If alterations are necessary, we have a seamstress who has many years experience and extensive industry knowledge, to ensure that you obtain the perfect fit.

Do I need an appointment?

Yes, in order to provide you with an exclusive and bespoke consultation, an appointment is always necessary. Please complete the form on the “ Contact us” page.

Do you sell coloured wedding dresses?

Yes, we have 4 different colours for you to see and try. However, many of the dresses can be ordered in any colour of your choice, ie black. We don't have these in stock, but will obtain fabric for you to select from.

Do you sell bridesmaid dresses?

Sadly, we cannot help with your bridesmaid dresses. We specialise in wedding dresses only.